Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wine Tasting Tips

One of my friends on Facebook posted a question on my wall earlier this week about 'tips for going to a wine tasting'. Her and her husband recently had a baby and they are going to their first wine tasting for some "grownup time". I responded to her with the following tips:
1. Pace yourself - don't get schnookered (you'll look like a novice & probably buy more than you wanted to)
2. Drink plenty of water - to help pace yourself and keep hydrated.
3. Be sure to eat beforehand - Another way to prevent against getting schnookered.
4.If going as a couple, decide who will be responsible for driving home (just in case tips #1-3 don't work out for you)
5. Do whatever makes you comfortable - if swirling a glass or slurping your wine feels awkward, don't worry about doing it. It will just make you paranoid and you'll be too caught up in 'looking proper' (no one likes a wine snob or wine slob).
6. Don't wear white. Dark colors are best, in case you get bumped or are too overzealous with your swirling.
7. Don't wear cologne or perfume - people are there to sniff and enjoy the wine, not to smell your potent perfume.
8. Take notes or take photos with your camera phone so you can remember what you liked.
9. If you like any of the wines you taste, it is usually a better deal to buy them at the event, then somewhere else later; but don't feel pressured to buy anything if you aren't crazy about any of them.
10. Relax and have fun!!!

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